Back to AAudio Imports: Wilson Benesch ACT One Evolution speaker, Ypsilon Phaethon SE & DAC 1000SE integrated amplifier, Aurender W20SE server, PowerSlave Marble Mk, II power distributor, Stage III Poseidon & Cerberus cables

I mentioned this piece in the opening blog for THE Show 2021, but only to highlight the unusual nature of its PowerSlave Marble Mk.II power dispenser ($ 18,500), the Stacore Roller anti-vibration platform. with cryo-max mass loading + bearing insulation ($ 4,180) and the massive Stage III Poseidon mains supply ($ 22,000) and Cerberus speaker cables ($ 36,200 / pair). While they weren’t the most expensive components in the room, their prices certainly exceeded that of the flagship Aurender W20SE music server / streamer ($ 22,000).

Despite the prices, Aaudio Imports‘ multicultural collection has grown much smaller than in the past. The Wilson Benesch speakers weren’t the UK company’s huge babies, but rather the ACT One Evolutions ($ 39,500 / pair), each sitting on their own Wilson Benesch carbon pedestal isolation platform. ($ 3,400 for two). Choosing to go smaller was a good choice for the room with solid walls, as the control was absolute, with no bass rumble.

The raison d’être of this piece was not its esotericism but rather its sound. Where Aaudio’s Brian Ackerman Did do not the compromise was in the color department. Thanks, I’m sure, to the first two presentations of the Ypsilon Silver Edition (SE) components, the Phaethon SE integrated amplifier ($ 50,000), which delivers 110Wpc into 8 ohms and 170Wpc into 4 ohms, and the D / processor. A tube DAC 1000SE ($ 49,000), the sound was full, warm and substantial. Tracy Chapman, Melody Gardot and the Beatles all sounded great. The Beatles classic “Come Together” stood out with its solid bass and pleasant warmth.


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