Afghanistan: Members of the Jogi minority demand basic necessities and rights


Members of the Jogi ethnic minority living in Kabul have complained of shortages of basic necessities amid deprivation of national identity, local media reported. The Jogi are a minority ethnic group whose roots originate in the Central Asian states. They do not have national identity cards and are denied access to education and other basic rights, including property, Tolo News quoted members of the group as reporting.

Mohammad Sabir, who worked as a representative of the Jogi ethnic group in Kabul before the Taliban took over, said he was removed from his post after the Islamic emirate came to power. “I was appointed People’s Representative (Jogi). This is my identity card. My documents are legal. I started working as a representative of Jogi. If they want me to share my documents, I will. I was active in the former government, but I was sacked after the Islamic Emirate came to power,” he said, according to the Afghan News Agency.

However, Nimatullah Barakzai, a Kabul Municipality spokesman, claimed that Sabir was fired because he was unqualified for the job. “The person you asked about was disqualified as a local representative. This person has no property, which is one of the requirements for being a representative. He is uneducated,” said the media by quoting it.

The Taliban said there was no exact information on the number of Jogi ethnic people living in Afghanistan. “Due to the lack of national identity cards, the Jogi have no access to education,” Tolo News quoted the group as saying.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban’s rapid rise to power occurred in mid-August, triggering economic disarray and food shortages that are pushing the country to the brink of a humanitarian crisis, Sputnik reported.

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