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Dolphins DC Josh Boyer noticed that EDGE Jaelan Phillips started becoming more of a pro this offseason and doing the little things like nutrition and attention to detail.

Jaelan is a guy who wants to be great and wants everything to be perfect,Josh Boyer said, via dolphin yarn. “I think he finds that happy work-failure balance to get the best out of himself. A few pounds here and there is more about nutrition than football or play.

OLB Dolphins Coach Tyrone McKenzie echoed Boyer’s sentiments, saying he noticed Phillips listens in meetings and asks questions seeking to do whatever he can to improve.

He is so eager to improve. From day one, we started from scratch and worked,said McKenzie. “He was successful in the preparation. His approach was excellent in class with [Boyer]with me in my meeting room, with [coach Mike McDaniel] in the squad meeting room. He took this to prepare on the training ground.


CB jets dj reed said he was getting “installed in” to his new team and thinks their locker room has a “great atmosphere everywhere.”

“The first week was tough, I was just trying to sort out my living situation and figure things out on the go, but now that I’m settled in, I feel like home,” Reed said, via Carolina Hendershot from the team’s official website. “All the guys here are good people… the guys are very knowledgeable when it comes to football. When I talk to young guys, I give them advice I had when I was a rookie. I even learn from rookies too and guys who played last year. It’s a great atmosphere throughout the locker room and it’s quite exciting here.

Reed sees Jets first-round CB Gardner Sauce like a “Lockout Cornerback” and a complete player in his position.

“I love him, man. I watched his tape and he’s everything the media says he is, he’s a lockdown cornerback,” said Reed. “He did it in college and I think he can do it in the NFL. He’s prototypical, he has elite characteristics and he plays with great eye discipline. He can also catch. He makes great plays on the ball and he’s just a complete cornerback in my opinion. I can’t wait to play with him.

Reed is eager to face the Ravens and lamar jackson in week 1 of the regular season.

“I can not wait to be there” said Reed. “I want to play against lamar jackson, I think he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL as a former MVP,” Reed said. “The whole program is a good program. I want to play against the best and we’re up against a lot of good teams so I’m looking forward to it.


OLB Patriots Coach Steve Belichick praised OLB Josh Uche and called him a “part of the plan” for their defense.

“I see him as part of them, since that’s the hot word right now, part of the plan. I see him as an important piece of the puzzle for us going forward,” Belichick said, via Andy Hart of Audacity. “There are a lot of factors to that besides what he’s going to do. We have to see what everyone is doing and work the pieces from there. I see Josh being a big part of that defense. We’ll see how the competition goes. Josh is another guy who does everything right, works hard, sets up as best he can to help us out on the pitch once we get to camp. It’s just a building process. He’s done everything right so far.

Asked about replacing LBs Kyle Van Noy and Dont’a Hightower with younger players, Belichick replied that he had faith in their current players.

“I would be okay with that. Yeah, those guys haven’t played as much football as those guys,” said Belichick. “Although, again, we kind of have to see what we have here, but we have what we have. And we feel good there. So we’ll take our shot and see how it goes.

Belichick explained that they have to build the team by adapting to the obstacles they face.

“I don’t see that as development, in that you start with nothing and just see what you get and throw it out there,” said Belichick. “You brought up an interesting word with the blueprint, so in terms of building structures you need a blueprint and I’m sure things happen along the way. I’ve never really built a house or something like that, but when I’m building my daughter’s playhouse, there are certain obstacles that come my way and you just have to react and adapt to what’s going on. That’s what we always try to do. We Let’s put a plan in place. We have a foundation. But at the same time, we’re always changing and adapting and expanding what we do. So we’ll try some of those things and see what it looks like. If it looks good we will continue in that direction If not we will try to do what we think is best for the team We just work on what we have and kind of see how it’s going. But we absolutely have a plan moving forward t.

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