ACI Worldwide enables GOLDPoint Systems to digitize its bill payments


ACI Worldwide enabled GOLDPoint Systems to digitize their bill payments and improve the overall customer experience with a seamless transaction flow.

The ACI Speedpay solution serves thousands of billers across multiple verticals in the United States and its suite of products, including ACI moBills, ACI Virtual Collection Agent and ACI Speedpay: Real-Time Disbursements, will integrate with the platform. main form of GOLDPoint.

“We are excited to bring the best of our bill payment innovation to GOLDPoint. In our experience, integrating digital billing and payment options for lenders increases the overall consistency and efficiency of the collections process and drives customer self-service,” said Darcy Locke, Head of Funding consumer segment Biller, ACI Worldwide.

“An ongoing relationship also means regular collaboration to jointly meet customer business needs and market needs,” Locke continued.

ACI Speedpay’s suite of products extends the bill-paying capabilities of lenders, allowing them to send and receive money in real time.

ACI moBills provides lenders with a fast and seamless bill presentment, notification and payment experience through the native wallet available on most smartphones, driving customer engagement and improving efficiency.

With ACI Virtual Collection Agent services, lenders have a PCI-compliant solution that allows complete control of the collections process and instant scale to meet customer needs.

With real-time disbursements, lenders can disburse loan proceeds, issue refunds to customers for gap insurance, send overpayments quickly, and provide better customer service with real-time updates at every step. of the process.

“By partnering with ACI Worldwide, we are providing our mutual lender customers with state-of-the-art, scalable and secure solutions,” said Glen Twede, SVP Sales, GOLDPoint Systems.

“Now they can compete effectively by quickly bringing a frictionless digital payment experience to market that meets ever-changing consumer preferences,” Twede continued.

Among the lenders to benefit from this integration is Nicholas Financial, a leading consumer finance company specializing in the purchase and servicing of auto loans from franchise and independent auto dealerships.

They were looking to reduce foot traffic in their branches and improve their collections.

“By integrating these new digital tools into our offering, we are providing our customers with a modern, secure and convenient self-service payment experience,” said Michael Rost, CEO of Nicholas Financial.

“At the same time, we’ve reduced costs, accelerated our time to market, and enabled a more efficient and effective collection system,” Rost continued.


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