15 novels by Dominican authors to read



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Whenever we stumble upon a novel by a Latinx author in a store or scroll through one online, we can’t help but do a double take. For so long, it wasn’t something we saw in stores on a regular basis. But now the books of a new generation of Latinx authors are mushrooming on the shelves of mainstream retailers left and right. For lovers of Latinx books, this is an absolute pleasure to see. Latinx authors bring a new and fresh perspective to literature that resembles what we have been waiting for all of our lives. The growing popularity of many Latinx authors is also helping to gain more attention and recognition from some of our icons of Latinx literature, such as Dominican writer Julia Alvarez. But if we are to continue to see Latinx authors recognized for their talent and align these shelves, we must support them. So with that in mind, we offer our readers another series of awesome books, this time exclusively from Dominican and Dominican-American authors, including some New York Times bestseller, Elizabeth Acevedo, and the latest, Julia Alvarez, among many others. With the exception of a few notable novelists, Dominican authors in particular, are not often discussed in depth in literary conversations, but these days it seems they are the ones who are blazing a new trail and carving out a convincing place for themselves in literary conversations. the literary world. , and it’s something to celebrate. That said, let’s take a look at some of the novels by Dominican authors that are on our fall reading list.



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